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April Devoe
Training Coordinator

April joined Freedom Street Partners in 2019 as a Client Services Manager at our Charlotte, North Carolina branch. She is responsible for assisting with order maintenance, administration, operations, along with many other essential functions such as establishing and maintaining productive client relationships and planning client events.

Before joining our team, April gained valuable and relatable experience while working for Raymond James for more than three years. Most recently, April held a position where she traveled across the country to assist advisors as they transitioned to positions with Raymond James.

April enjoys the variety of responsibilities that her role requires. The enthusiasm that she has for her career begins with the relationships she has established with our clients. She works tirelessly to ensure that our clients have an outstanding experience, feel cared for and secure throughout the process of working with our team.

April chose to pursue a career in this continually changing field because it creates a challenging work environment and allows her to learn continuously, evolve, and grow as a professional and in turn, provide the best service possible to our clients.

April Devoe

I grew up in Clearwater, Florida, which meant I spent a lot of my time outdoors, mainly because we lived so close to the beach. Even though I may not be right by a beach any longer, I still have a love for the outdoors. I enjoy keeping active by going for hikes, bike rides, sailing, reading, or tapping into my creative side through art.

While I may not be geographically close to my family, I’m lucky to be close with my younger sister, and I take advantage of seeing my family every chance I get.