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Bill Newman
Senior Registered Client Administrative Manager

Bill joined Koller Financial Services in 2012, a satellite office of Freedom Street (2020), and is a Client Service Administrator. In his role, Bill is responsible for a wide range of essential functions that ensure our operations run efficiently. These functions include maintaining records, documentation, effective communications, scheduling, routing, processing client requests, and overall administrative support to the team.

Both clients and colleagues know Bill for his patience, persistence, and perseverance. He is driven by contributing to a culture of service and takes pride in his efforts to build realistic goals and expectations for our clients, leading to financial security. Whether it’s putting a smile on someone’s face, taking the time to invest in continuous learning, or dissecting a complex problem for the team, he is a versatile and supportive resource to all of those who work with him.

Bill's knowledge of the industry comes from his time with our team and his extensive business and industry experience. From 1984-2012 he ran a computer services firm in Fairfax, VA, as the V.P., CFO, and co-founder. The firm was one of the first in the country to support portable computers then laptops followed by notebooks. He was able to grow the firm from a two-person organization to nearly 100 employees in four states. He started his career working his way through customer service ranks to a management position in the retail horticultural industry.

Bill earned a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia. In the financial industry, Bill is Series 7 licensed and hold a Virginia insurance license.

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Bill Newman

Although I was born on Long Island and spent my childhood in New York, New England, and Atlanta, I have been a proud Virginian since 1980. I’m also the proud father to my children, Katie, Jack, Molly, and Peter, and grandfather to my nine grandchildren.

Outside of the office, I like to always keep myself active. I enjoy the many outdoor opportunities our beautiful state offers, such as hiking, biking, hunting, and fishing. I also appreciate homebrewing’s creative process and like experimenting with brews such as ales, lagers, stouts, porters, cider, and mead. Of course, pairing my homebrews makes it an even more rewarding process when I perfect a fantastic smoked BBQ pork shoulder and the requisite sides and sauces.

When I'm not outside enjoying nature or spending time at home, I enjoy live music in most genres, mainly blues, folk, bluegrass, rock and classical, or cheering on my alma mater, the University of Virginia Cavaliers.

Giving back to my community is also an essential part of who I am, and I also try to volunteer with our local food bank whenever I can.