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Tommy Altman
Client Relationship Manager

As a US Air Force Special Ops combat veteran, the owner of an award-winning tattoo studio, a former candidate for Congress and an ordained minister, Tommy Altman doesn’t have the background you might expect for a career in financial services.*

Yet the common denominator in his unique and varied life experiences — helping people live their best lives possible — is an ideal foundation for his role.

“I think having that diverse background really helps me identify with people in a lot of different avenues,” he says.

In 2022, Tommy was a candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd district. “It was an eye-opening process,” he recalls. “Obviously, the economy was a topic at the forefront. I saw a clear divide between people who were financially knowledgeable and those who weren’t.”

Tommy firmly believes in the American dream, and he is passionate about removing the barriers that prevent people from achieving it. “Many people lack the knowledge they need to accumulate wealth, and some believe it’s unattainable to them,” he notes. “Also, finance and investing can be a bit convoluted. I want to make sure people have someone they can trust to provide clarity throughout the process.”

This is one of the biggest reasons Tommy values working at Freedom Street Partners. Tommy believes “life is all about our relationships.” His goal is to assist the financial advisors at Freedom Street Partners to help their clients reach their version of the American Dream. To Tommy, the American Dream to be financially independent is still alive. He believes this is available to anyone who desires it and is willing to have a little discipline over a period of time.

Tommy understands that his career in finance is not about him. It’s all about the client. One thing I have learned in life is if we simply value others and do our best to bring value to their lives we can help make the world a better place. Then we all win.

*Outside Business Activity (OBA) through RCI

Tommy Altman

Tommy grew up in the Tidewater area and has lived here most of his life. For five years, he served in the US Air Force Special Operations Command and completed ground combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. He returned was stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. After the military Tommy graduated from Regent University with a degree in religious studies and was ordained as a minister. Afterwards, he and his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, for three years and helped establish a church there.

After Las Vegas Tommy and his family moved back home to the Tidewater area and started their own business. Since 2017, Tommy and his wife have owned Sandbridge Tattoo in Virginia Beach. For several years in a row, it has been voted the best tattoo studio in the area. It has been such an honor to walk through the highs and lows of life with people in our community.

When not at work Tommy will almost certainly always be found spending time with his family, riding his motorcycles or enjoying a nice cigar. Since 2001, Tommy has been married to his high school sweetheart. They have two sons, ages 14 and 17 in 2023.  Both of whom wrestle. So, they spend a lot of their off time traveling to wrestling tournaments around the nation.