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Courtney Williams
Director, Financial Advisor

Courtney joined Freedom Street Partners in 2019 as a Financial Advisor at our Charlotte, NC office. He began his career in the financial services industry in 2004 after earning his degree in business from Virginia Commonwealth University. Most recently, he worked as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones for nine years.

In his role, Courtney focuses on retirement planning and tax-efficient investing. He values customer service and strives to provide his clients with the best experience possible. Courtney understands the complexities of the financial industry and is able to break down the process in a way that removes complication and confusion. Simply put, Courtney wants his clients to understand what they own and why they own it, allowing the process to be solely focused on reaching his client’s financial goals.

From constantly researching new opportunities for his clients to outlining long and short-term goals, Courtney enjoys the demands of the fast-paced industry because of his detail-oriented approach. He makes it a priority to respond promptly to requests and gives clients his undivided attention.

Courtney Williams

I consider myself to be a fortunate person because of my family. My wife, Martha, is an incredible person, wife, and mother. Martha is a teacher and a fantastic mother to our three beautiful daughters, Watts (2010), Haines (2012), and Evie (2019).

Life these days seems to be constant. We’re always on the go, but we do as much as we can as a family to maximize our time with each other. I am actively involved in our girls’ activities, such as coaching their soccer teams and taking part in Y-Guides, a program through the YMCA that focuses on the father-child relationship. I also serve as a mentor with Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Charlotte and volunteer weekly at our girls’ school.

We like to keep an active lifestyle and expose our girls to the outdoors as much as possible. I enjoy taking hikes and going camping, and I hope to pass along the love of the outdoors to my children.

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