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Margaret N. Wiley, AAMS®
Director, Financial Advisor

Margie has dedicated her more than 23-year career in financial services to helping clients pursue and achieve their goals both personally and financially. Margie works closely with her clients to establish the “purpose behind the money” to implement a personalized strategy they can relate to and understand. She takes a full view as it relates to personal finance, mortgage and debt counseling, insurance, tax, retirement and estate planning to develop long term plans.

Margie has been recognized by the Boy Scouts of America for community service. In addition, she has worked on multiple community boards and councils such as Lake Prince Woods Retirement Community, Suffolk Humane Society, Rotary Club and Suffolk Family YMCA. Margie also is the current vice president of Suffolk Business Women, a group that is interested in issues that support women in business and community.

Before joining Raymond James in November 2017 Margie was a financial advisor at Edward Jones for eight years.

Originally from upstate New York, Margie lives in Suffolk with her husband Mark and their Labrador Retriever Tonka. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, walking her dog and volunteering in her community.

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Margaret N. Wiley

I find my work very fulfilling, but if I weren’t doing what I do today, I would work with philanthropic organizations in raising money for different causes. I enjoy helping organizations look for opportunities to work and partner together to further their missions, specifically with the elderly, animals or children.

My mom taught me the value of a dollar from the time I was young. She always showed me how to save money, whether cutting coupons, not ordering something expensive on the restaurant menu, or even turning out the light when you leave a room.

One thing that might surprise others about me is that I was married to my high school sweetheart by Elvis Presley in Las Vegas…the real Elvis!