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Michelle Lopez
Client Administrative Manager

As a Client Service Administrator since October 2022, Michelle’s No. 1 job is serving our clients. She is responsible for aiding and directing the operations of essential business functions. These responsibilities include account activity, preparation, processing and submission; client meeting planning and follow-up; database management; helping transition clients and accounts to Raymond James; streamlining overall office processes; helping organize company meetings and events; and helping adjust roles as the team grows.

Michelle especially enjoys her role in supporting the Freedom Street team in client services and problem solving. With a high level of empathy for others, she enjoys getting to know people so she can discover their needs and help them meet those needs.

With more than 20 years of experience in customer client service, Michelle spent much of her career in the restaurant industry, in office management for small-business owners and as a distributor for multi-level marketing companies. For four years, she was a client operations manager for an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA).

She looks forward to contributing creative, innovative ideas for streamlining Freedom Street’s Client Relationship Manager (CRM) process and overall back-office operations.

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Michelle Lopez

Michelle has a son and two daughters. A family of animal lovers, they have a dog named Sadie and also two rescue thoroughbreds that Michelle is training to become trail and barrel-racing horses.

She spends much of her time outside work volunteering at a dude ranch that is under construction, and that’s where she boards her horses. A native of the Tidewater area, Michelle enjoys the water. She and her family go to the beach, the bay and the Outer Banks as often as possible.

Michelle believes strongly in deliberate creation — the concept that your thoughts create your reality. You can create whatever you want to manifest simply by being intentional about what you want and releasing resistance. “If you think it and then speak it, it will come to fruition,” she explains. “We are in control of our destiny.”

An organizer by nature, Michelle had her own business as a professional organizer, and she is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. She guided her clients in decluttering their lives — not only their homes and offices, but their nutrition and health as well.