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Ryan N. Russo
Financial Advisor

Ryan joined Freedom Street Partners in 2017 as a Client Relations Manager. In addition to his responsibilities as a financial advisor, he works closely with our senior staff to ensure our clients receive the best experience possible.

Ryan’s focus centers on goal planning. He enjoys working with clients who have not yet established their long- and short-term goals just as much as he enjoys working with clients who have already defined their vision for the future. Ryan is a clear communicator and the conversations around defining goals excite him. He encourages his clients to think outside-of-the-box, allowing them to open up and develop a clear realization around their goals and priorities.

From establishing relationships by listening carefully to each client’s story, crafting a customized plan, and continually reassessing and adjusting strategies as needed, he enjoys the process that his role requires. Ryan is known for his transparency and honesty; characteristics that he believes are most important which also correlate to the success of our clients.

Ryan began his career in finance at Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor. Prior to that, he spent 12 years running a martial arts school and eventually expanded the business when he opened an additional location. His experience with running a business lead to consulting others on sales and business practices. Although he has since sold the successful business and moved to a different field, he didn’t see his last career as a drastic transition to his career in finance. He remains focused on asking questions, solving problems and reaching goals. The only difference is that the conversation is a little different.

Ryan N. Russo

My wife, Ashley, and I were born and raised in Virginia. We’re fortunate to live close to where we grew up which allows us to remain surrounded by our family and friends. Ashley is one of the hardest working people I know. She is not only a successful realtor, but she is also finishing her degree in holistic nutrition. Our home is full of excitement thanks to our three “children” – our Pitbulls, Major and Kimber, and an English Bulldog, Tank.

Sports are a huge part of my life, especially watching my favorite football team, the New York Giants. I also enjoy photography, CrossFit, and playing the guitar. I have a long-time passion for Muay Thai boxing and I continue to train to stay connected to this vital part of my life.

Giving back both professionally and personally is a priority to me. I am a volunteer member of Women in Defense of Greater Hampton Roads, an organization that supports women in government contracting. I also work with The Noblemen, a group dedicated to raising money to assist children with cancer as well as Comfort Cases, a national charity that provides support for children entering the foster care system.