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Sandy Thomas
Client Administrative Manager

Sandy joined Freedom Street Partners in 2021 as a Client Service Manager at our Charlotte, NC office. She has worked closely with Terry Estes, Private Wealth Consultant, since 2009, and during that time, she has established meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients. These relationships are essential for our clients to feel comfortable approaching us with any questions or needs.

Sandy has built a reputation as the go-to person when something needs to get done. She thoroughly understands the financial services industry and has the knowledge and skills to find the appropriate solutions for our clients. She works hard on behalf of all our clients and is accustomed to listening to both our clients and staff, resolving issues, and anticipating future needs.

Additionally, Sandy plays a vital role in the efficient operations of our office. From preparing reports to processing documents, problem-solving, ensuring our office meets all compliance rules and standards, and handling administrative duties, Sandy has a keen understanding of the pulse of our office and aims to continually improve the client experience.

Sandy Thomas

When I’m outside of the office, my time is focused on my family. My two children are now grown, along with my step-child, and I have the pleasure of watching them establish their own families. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be the grandmother to my two grandchildren, along with my two step-grandchildren, and I love watching them grow up and experience life through their eyes.

When I’m not with my grandchildren, I enjoy being outdoors, especially at the beach. To me, there’s nothing more magical than the feeling of warm sand under your feet and the sound of waves breaking. The beach is my ultimate happy place!